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Welcome to Economics By Design.

Our mission is to design value into health systems by harnessing the disciplines of economics and design.

Bringing economics and design together provides a fresh value-based perspective to challenging population health issues.

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We work for health systems, government agencies, the third sector and private sector innovators.

We have international experience in the UK, Europe, North America, the Middle East and Africa.

Digital Health & Innovation

Our team has experience in enabling digital health innovators to demonstrate and communicate clear value propositions to the health and care system. We can also help develop pricing models and strategies.


Health Workforce

Our team has experience of designing value in and evaluating the value of the health and care workforce and associated innovation and transformation strategies.

Global Health Systems

Our team has international and national experience of designing value into health financing, health payer + insurance models, payment mechanisms, provider models, policy and regulation.

Models of Care

Our team has experience of designing value in and evaluating improvement focused, wellness programs and prevention-based integrated care pathways across different disease groups, client groups, and health conditions.

Workforce Economics