World Health Organisation, Sudan


Projects: The design of an Essential Health Benefits Package for Sudan and the development of Provider Payment Mechanisms to deliver the Essential Benefits Package in Sudan.

These two key projects were commissioned by the European Union and World Health Organisation, to support the Government of Sudan on its journey towards Universal Healthcare. The two projects represent linked components of a new system involving a separation of the role of payer and provider. The full reports, together with an overview of the new health care system in Sudan is provided on the website below. 

Health Education England


Project: Economic Evaluation of the Extended Surgical Team Pilots & Development of ROI Tool

Economics by Design was commissioned to undertake an economic evaluation of a new workforce model to support improvements to surgical training and service delivery. We developed the value proposition for the new models and evaluated pilots in Manchester and Chester. Together with Health Economics Consulting Group, University of East Anglia, we developed a return-on-investment tool for NHS trusts to demonstrate the value of this workforce model in their local context. Further information on the findings, including the results of the evaluation, can be found on the link below. The ROI tool and user guide can be found here (link to other page).



Project: Economic Evaluation of the National CLEAR Programme

Economics by Design and RREAL UCL collaborated on a formative evaluation of the National Clinically-Led workforcE and Activity Redesign (CLEAR) Programme. Sponsored by Health Education England, the programme is hosted by East Lancashire NHS Trust and delivered by 33n, a team of NHS clinicians, data engineers and scientists who are united in their passion to improve services, address workforce challenges and enhance patient care. We worked with the team to develop the value proposition and designed a cost-consequence analysis to demonstrate the financial and non-financial economic impact of CLEAR. Further information on the evaluation can be found in the link below.

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